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I’m not the kind of girl who expects happily ever after. In fact, I prefer my partners don’t get too clingy. Don’t get me wrong. I like a good night of loving, but beyond that, I’m happy to see them leave in the morning, without my phone number.
Then I met him. 
Quinn is a big bear of a man, with massive hands and amazing…staying power. Like all night long and the next morning kind of staying power. So when he asks me to spend the next day with him, I do. The only reason I give him my number is because he makes me laugh. And, okay, so I might have met up with him once or twice.
That doesn’t mean I need him. Because I am Everly Freaking Spencer, and I don’t need anyone (other than my bestie), and definitely not a man.
He shows up by chance at my store, which totally freaks me out. Finding out he’s my favorite author doesn’t help either.
And the surprise that’s dropped in our laps later that day?
Major. Freak. Out.
But, like I said, I don’t need anyone.
If I keep repeating that, I might just believe it.
Author warning: Get ready for a trip into the hippiest little town in Texas. There’s gossipy little old ladies (LOLs), an app that every teenager hates, trips to Denver and Cali, a woman who is convinced true love doesn’t exist, and  man who aims to prove her wrong by doing things to her that should embarrass the author. And she was. (Not really). Along the way readers get to spend time with the gorgeous Hawthorne brothers and gay ducks. SERIOUSLY. GAY. DUCKS. Just get the book already because you know you want to know about them. Also, there’s a happily ever after fit for a woman with commitment issues and man who just doesn’t know when to give up. 

Book Reviews

Book addict 64

Great start to this series5 star

I enjoyed this book by Melissa Schroeder. It’s the first in this series but we’ve met these characters before. I really enjoyed Everly and Quinn's story. Their journey was portrayed so well. Everly's anxiety made for a unique story line but Quinn played his cards correctly and we got a HEA. Great beginning to this series and can’t wait to read Carter’s story. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

An Avid Reader of NOOK Books

Cute and easy4 star

Cute romance. Easy read.45

i luv reading

Wild Love5 star

Loved the snarky comments and the sweet emotions. Happy that the love chapters weren’t dirty.55


Such a good book4 star

Definitely enjoyed this book. I was half expecting a big fallout between the main characters, because that’s typical. But, it ended up being just a small one. Loved the banter between the other characters. Just a fun read with a happy ending.45


Wild Love5 star

Great read55


A swoon worthy must read!5 star

This is only my first read by the author and I was beyond surprise! What was suppose to be a weekend of loving becomes more when Everly finds herself breaking her rule. Wild Love has ton of characters that you can’t forget, they bring the fun to another level. The main characters Everly and Quinn will have you cheering for their HEA and with the help of both family it makes for an entertaining read. A well written storyline and great characters make this swoon worthy romance read a must one click. I need more of this quirky little town!55

Cheryl SDS

Fun with lots of alpha men!5 star

This is book one in the Juniper Springs series and it features Quinn Hawthorne and Everly Spencer. Everly has a little social anxiety, she doesn’t like to be touched and she has vajacations (read and find out what that is).  She and her BFF Becca, own the bookstore Nerdvana.  From the moment they met, you could feel their connection. Everly had been burned a long time ago and was in no hurry to have it happen again. Her stipulation for the one night stand and more was no last names and no mention of their occupations.  This story line is fantastic! I love how a lot of this author’s series are tied together by at least one family/character. All the characters are funny, witty, charming and value family above all. I especially liked how down to earth the Hawthorns were.  Such a fun and entertaining read!55

Fine pumpkin 511

Sweet teddy bear meets prickly grizzly bear5 star

I loved every word😍 The book was so much fun to read. It was sweet, sexy, and lol hilarious. Quinn and Everly were the perfect yin and yang. Sweet teddy bear meets grumpy grizzly bear. Quinn with his patience and understanding demeanor knew exactly how to deal with Everly’s abrasive personality. She’s a hard woman to love yet he loved her anyways which makes him all the more lovable. I’ve read every book associated with the Camos and Cupcakes family and they have all been entertaining and fun. It was great to visit again with all the characters from the other books that I enjoyed especially Carter. He’s always been my favorite and I am giddy with anticipation for his story. I know that it’s going to be hilarious but also emotional. Until next time y’all happy reading.55

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