51/50 Summary

My name is Billy Dabone - single father and felon. Now you may think I'm crazy and, in fact, the powers-that-be would label me 51/50 - a police term for the mentally deranged. But you would be crazy too, if you stepped through a mirror and were transported to a prison moon housing a race of creatures that were perhaps the deadliest life forms in that lunar spheres' A.D.U. (alternate dimensional universe). As your simple-minded friend toted around a pair of mind-bending demons imprisoned in an ancient relic called ille delactum natura, while your one-time home boy and partner in crime sits in jail plotting revenge for an imagined betrayal - and that's just the petty stuff. Now as I lay on the earthen floor bound next to the two Ameri-indian warriors sent to protect me on this distant primeval world while the multiverse hangs on precariously balanced between good and evil that at any moment could erupt into interdimensional war - I have to wonder if not only will I ever see my daughters again, but will my companions and I even LIVE OUT THE NIGHT...

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