Shadows of Treachery

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From the battlefields of Phall and Isstvan, to the haunted shadows of Terra itself – the greatest war in the history of mankind rages on. While the traitor Legions continue their campaign of terror across the galaxy, preparations are made for the defence of the Imperial Palace and the final, inevitable reckoning that must yet come between Horus and the Emperor... 

This anthology spans the entire Horus Heresy, with short stories from Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill and Gav Thorpe, as well as two brand new novella-length tales. 

Learn the fate of Rogal Dorn’s fleet originally sent to Isstvan III in ‘The Crimson Fist’ by John French, and descend deeper into the darkness of the Night Lords Legion in ‘Prince of Crows’ by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

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By far one of the best HH books I've ever read and is now my new favorite. The War in the Webway has always been the battle I've been most interested in and this book fleshes it out very well. There is more dialogue from the Emperor and more OP Custodes action in this book than all of the other books combined. There's a chapter or two that slowed it down a bit as they focused on the Mechanicum forces, but after that it speeds right back up. Definitely worth it.55


Shadows4 star



Valuable back stories and pretty interesting5 star

I liked this book a lot as it answers so many questions about what was going on during the heresy and gives actual information and back story on some of the less covered legion and primarchs. The stories were well written and, as with all good source material, dangles some juicy tidbits to get you wondering about other things.55

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