Center of Gravity

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Center of Gravity is the second book in the explosive Star Carrier series by Ian Douglas—and a breathtaking new high in military sf, the strongest of the science fiction subgenres. Battlestar Galactica fans will adore this saga of ultimate war in deep space, as humankind risks its very future, battling a vast alien evil empire in order to achieve transcendence and become a major power in the universe. Douglas’s Center of Gravity belongs on every action-lover’s sf bookshelf—right between Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War and Heinlein’s Starship Troopers.

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Clever and distinct!4 star

I stopped writing reviews, mainly because "If you can't say anything nice..." but I like this take on space faring sci-fi. A unique view of space travel based on theories and concepts accepted in our current knowledge of physics. The characters and plot I find enjoyable and exciting. Buying the next one presently.45

Da chairman

Excessive3 star

The book overall is good . To much techno babble that prattles on with info we garnered from the first two books in the series. Maybe to feel pages ?35


Superb!5 star

Such detail, such creativity, such a great story!55


Good second installment5 star

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I like the technology described and how it's being utilized throughout the story. Nice descriptions and settings that really give the reader a feel for how a battle might be fought with vessels capable of near light speed.55


Center of Gravity5 star

Like all of Ian's books, I just could not put it down. Great characters and as near realistic as great SiFi can get. Hate to have to wait for the next one of his Excellent adventures. Enjoy, Bob C.55

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