The Fallen Empire Collection (Books 1-3 + Prequel)

The Fallen Empire Collection (Books 1-3 + Prequel) Summary

A fighter pilot on a mission to reunite with her daughter.
A cyborg soldier on a quest to regain his humanity.

Mortal enemies during the war, they must now work together to salvage a seventy-year-old freighter and navigate the gauntlet of pirates, scavengers, mercenaries, and other pitfalls that stand in their way after the fall of the largest empire mankind has ever known. 

This set includes:

Book 1: Star Nomad
Book 2: Honor’s Flight
Book 3: Starseers
The previously unpublished prequel novella Last Command
The short story “Starfall Station"

Star Nomad was a nominee for the Goodreads Readers’ Choice Awards and also made Amazon’s Top 20 list of Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2016. Start the adventure now!

Book Reviews



I’ve been a fan throughout another series, but I love this universe, characters and plot even more. Sorry to not say more, but I need the next books NOW!!55


An Excellent Tale4 star

This trilogy draws the reader in to such an extent that I am considering buying the next book in the series. With a fairly static cast from Book 1 and throughout, one gets to know Alisa, Leonidas, Mica, Yumi, Beck and Alejandro fairly well, as well as Yumi’s chickens. There is a bit more sexual tension than I prefer in my sci-fi but not enough to put me off continuing to read. At least it’s less romance and more straight-up attraction. Power, political intrigue, battles on land, in the air and in space all come into play, making this a series well worth your engaging.45

Note Card: Free from LearnSmart

Great space opera!5 star

Loved every minute of it!!55

dieing for the daily show fix!

Real heroine, without presumption5 star

The main character of the story is an amazing example of a real heroine. Modern times routinely discusses the need to portray women as heros and show case the power of role models for girls, but the manufactured characters typically presented are uninspiring, weak, and shallow. Alisa, our heroine of this universe of stories is none of that. She is everything a female hero should be; smart, strong of character, loyal, independent. Even the negative qualities make her human and thus more likable; fear, nosiness, stubbornness, loss and struggle. Aspects of human development are included that make her engaging and relatable to male and female readers including attractiveness, family, devotion, wit, sexiness, and desire. Without necessarily declaring an intent to create a role model from the beginning, and without pushing any agenda but her own, Buroker created a heroine that should be an inspiring role model for women and girls. By being strong, independent, and agenda free, a story is told that is far more engaging, impactful and lasting than modern pop-culture paper dolls masquerading as female role models. It has been a long time since I have read a story or a series I have so thoroughly enjoyed. I was very surprised by the frequency with which I laughed, and often laughed much harder than I expected. Thank you for creating a stimulating tale that I would be proud to read to my child before bed, especially if I end up with a daughter.55


Fallen empire5 star

Entertaining. Good characters. Page turning action and interesting plots55


Action Sify4 star

A little slow at the beginning but soon picked up. The main characters were amazing.45


Funny, sad and whimsical5 star

I have really enjoyed the first three books in this series. Alisa is funny, sarcastic and sad by turns and sometimes all at once. Leonidas is interesting and mysterious. I enjoyed the short story prequel. Alejandro, Mica, Beck and Yumi all add to the story, helping to flesh it out and make it 3D. I read the first three, the prequel and the the teaser number four. I must go on. Perhaps it is the Stargazer compelling me against my will?55

schuyler for ever

Fallen Empire 1-35 star

Darn good adventure, looking forward to reading more55



I have several other books that she has written. They always hold your attention and make you wish there was more to read. This set is the same . It keeps your interest and makes it hard to put down until it's finished. All I have to say is " thanks for the great stories and please keep them coming.55

going for the MAT

Perfect hybrid3 star

A nice PG rated hybrid of Firefly and Star Wars. If I see the next installments I may grab them just to find out if she ever gets in the cyborg's pants. Although it seems as if there might be a disappointment in store for her there. I do wish the captain would stop with the constant quips, and her bodyguard would give up the BBQ sauce already.35

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