The Mortal Vestige

The Mortal Vestige Summary

Book Three of the award-winning tech noir series.

The world writhes as a remorseless terror sweeps across the planet. The age of immortals is drawing to a close and the vestige of humanity lies in tatters.

Jonas, the failed leader of the human resistance, is adrift in a world that rejected him.

Having witnessed the cold cruelty of annihilation, he spent hours in a state of debilitating shock. But now he must venture back to the ruins of civilization in search of hope.

Praise for the Immortal Wake:

"Exceptionally well-written, thought-provoking." —Lex Allen, Readers' Favorite

"A fascinating take on the vampire mythos." —Keith Lane, TG Geeks

"A philosophical and cultural foray." —Victor Acquista, Podfobler Productions

"The world-building ... is simply amazing." —Geoff Habiger, Artemesia Publishing

"Gripping suspense that keeps you reading." —S.E. Sasaki, author of The Grace Lord Series

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