Craniama Summary

In this highly intelligible age of technology and bewildering medical advances, researches are amassing large amounts of quantitative information regarding the causes and symptoms of the varied styles of brain injuries that cause troubles for so many. This book is an ethnographically valid expos through which I hope others can better understand the internal thought processes of those having experienced severe, closed-head injuries. By sharing countless, candid examples from my personal ethnography of fifteen years coping with closed-head injury, I wish to provide hopefulness in survivors and their families. The message of Craniama is not only about sorrowful inquiry, but one of celebration! After all, it is only through the natural integrity of survival that objective awareness can be realized. Recovery won't be easy, but when you can, dont be afraid to reawaken! I'm confident the medical community will help you during this time, but Id like to provide a road-map to those who wish to know more, at this very moment.

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