How to Beat the Energy Thieves and Make Your Life Better - eBook1

How to Beat the Energy Thieves and Make Your Life Better - eBook1 Summary

Jess Miller’s powerful message that you have been created as energy, but that out there in our world are countless energy thieves such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco that are determined to steal your energy and divert you from your true path, breathes new life into the self-help world. Energy thieves will do you just as much harm as they can so you are never able to find and live out your true purpose as a happy, fulfilled and satisfied being living a beneficial existence for you, those around you and the wider world in general.Whatever you reach out to in life, whether it be alcohol, drugs, tobacco, bullying, stealing, gambling, gangs, knives or guns thinking they will somehow help you, make you feel better or more powerful, you need to understand the con being perpetrated against the very energy that you are, because these things will actually be doing precisely the opposite.The con that is run by every great energy thief is to get you to be absolutely convinced that you are in control of it when all the time it has managed to get itself into control of you and the great gift of energy you have received.This first book in the ‘How to Beat the Energy Thieves’ series makes ideal reading for groups, families or people with reading difficulties or short attention spans. Formatted in a large font with short paragraphs and with many single sentences highlighted to bring their importance home to the reader this easily understood yet powerful message can help everyone, especially those whose lives are seriously hurting.Jess Miller has successfully helped people beat their life problems most of his life and is expanding his one on one success to a wider audience to help as many people as possible.Having enjoyed many highs as well as travelling to some of the darkest and most daunting corners of existence Jess has gained unique insights and perspectives on life through his experiences that are encapsulated in the message of help in his Energy Thieves series.Excerpt from Book 1:‘...…Here’s a scenario you might be familiar with:Your day has been a total nightmare from the moment you got up. Everything has gone wrong. You’ve argued with your family, friends and work colleagues. Your day’s work has been nothing short of a catastrophe and you haven’t had a second to catch your breath. Your job is under threat. You’re in debt and running out of options and your partner has threatened to leave unless you sort it out. Your best friend just passed away. You got a speeding ticket on the way home after which your car broke down and you had to walk three miles back to your house in the pouring rain without a coat or umbrella.Finally you arrive back at your place soaking wet and miserable and, as you walk through the front door and cross the threshold, you need a drink.Sound familiar?So you head for where you keep it and open the door to your stash.And there it is, the old familiar, your ‘friend’, the one you know will ‘help’ you and is going to make you feel ‘better’.You find the sight of the bottle, the weight and feel of it in your hand and the colours of the label and the liquid inside comforting and reassuring.And you are absolutely positive that you are in total control of your energy and what you are doing.But nothing could be further from the truth..…’Book Contents:A New BeginningUnderstanding Energy – The System, The Great Reactionary, Honesty, The Question, Good and Evil, The Passing of TimeAlcohol – The Alcohol Exercise, Alcohol and Evil, The Henchman, The Energy Thief Alcohol, The Hangover, Get Real, How You Can Win, Do Not Engage, The Greatest Weapon of All, Helping Others, The Counter AttackTobacco – The Energy Thief TobaccoBullying – Change YourselfStealingGamblingGangs – The Gang, Gang BustersKnives, Guns, WeaponsYour CircumstancesWhere's The Thief?The Garden of Energy ThievesManaging Your Energy50 Ways To Help Someone

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