Meditation: The Essence

Meditation: The Essence Summary

This eBook outlines the distilled essence of meditation practice. It is based on a broad study of the many meditation traditions that have grown up over time in different parts of the world.
Once you know the essential basics, you can adapt the technique to suit your needs. Meditation is something that can be learned in a few minutes, but which can take a lifetime to perfect. The greater the truth, the more simply it can be expressed. Think of Einstein’s E=mc2 (the energy contained in an object equals the mass of the object multiplied by the square of the speed of light).

Inner peace by definition comes from within and not derived from an external source, though the right external sources can occasionally trigger the inner experience. Many people in the busy, consumer driven societies of the 21st century have been told to seek fulfilment outside of themselves. Constant messages from the media tell us to define ourselves by owning the latest consumer products. Implicit in those messages is that you will feel unfulfilled unless you have those products and services. Consumerism is not necessarily a bad thing; it has led to a steady improvement in people’s quality of life in general. Consumerism is a problem in a person’s progress towards enlightenment when one’s perspective is limited to the view that consumerism is all there is.

Meditation establishes primary attention on your inner self. You can continue to live in the material world, but that world must be put into its proper perspective as being your secondary reality.

Meditation creates a peaceful inner space within which you can become aware of the more subtle aspects of yourself that have been hitherto obscured by the noise of the outer world. In this space, your Intuition grows stronger, revealing to you a rich stream of subtle knowledge to help you understand yourself and the world you find yourself in. Meditation can therefore lead to great happiness. Plus, it is free and completely natural.

Book Reviews

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Meditation: the real essence5 star

Great book! Short and precise explanation.55


Great Read5 star

Great read. Explains the process well. Im two weeks in. So far so great!55


“Book" would have made a more useful blog post.1 star

It’s a 12 page book with only 8 pages of content, and only two of those pages were actually useful. The premis of the book could have bee summed up in three paragraphs. I can’t believe the Apple iBooks publishing system even allowed it to be listed. I was had.15

Happy talking

Straight To The Point4 star

This book is designed to get you out of the contemplating mode and into the act and art of meditation. The author successfully creates a space between various religions and prepares the reader for a gift of heightened awareness that belongs to all. The steps are simple enough for anyone to begin the process and move to the mastery phase through time. The practice of little becomes much is an effective method for a life change like meditation. Kudos to a well written guide to meditation.45


Thx... Simple and effective...4 star

Who knew it could be that simple! Wish more people could share their information as this person can.45

Dr up

Meditation3 star

Helpful. Very practical.35

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