Moments Over Materials

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Teresa Baker has discovered what really matters in life and is helping others do the same with her powerful story. RN, Wife, mother of six and entrepreneur had to face nearly her worst nightmare. When her husband was suddenly diagnosed with a heart condition and was expected to live only 5 more years...they decided they were going to make it all count. Together they had been working 120 hours per week, making plenty of money and taking care of their 6 children. They were doing everything they thought they had to do. In Teresa’s new book Moments Over Materials: When faced with death what truly mattered became crystal clear. Teresa shares how they have changed their lives to create connection, memories, fun, and best of all live in a way that is setting them free. She realized that many live their life based on the assumption of “someday”, accidentally missing all of their “today’s”. She brings a frontline perspective on how to get our lives moving in a way that will leave us without regret. Her lessons are priceless and perfectly timed in a world that continues to feel faster and faster. To stay connected with Teresa and her inspiring adventures, connect with her at

There comes a point, ideally before we are faced with our own mortality, that we can make the choice to live this life in a way that sets us free. A life filled with quality, focusing on what matters most. The experiences that bring us joy, our families joy...not just things that collect dust, but the laughter that lets all the light in- Teresa B.

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