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Peribology seeks to discover the etymology of symbolism. If a gift is given in a distant future; and no one knows how to interpret the secret message, does the traditional meaning carry over subconsciously? Furthermore, does this symbolism unfold in the human experience in other ways? Peribology seeks to uncover secrets from bygone eras, and encourage those who are willing, to breathe life again into ye age-old, archaic Floriography. Peribology will set the stage for modern flower talk from these gathered sources and on-going research. Since scientific inquiry admonishes the old flower language, Peribology rationalizes meaning not on poetry, but on the natural effects nature's treasures have on the five senses and the human psyche. If you want to join the cause, we welcome you into the restoration movement we call Peribology, the modern flower tongue. like our page on Facebook and even follow us @peribology!

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