Rise and Shine: Anxiety & Depression

Rise and Shine: Anxiety & Depression Summary

NOTES: A) If Option for “New” & “Used” Paperbacks exist, order "New" to assure getting the latest“4th/Final Edition –“The Final Cut”” of Book; Rev. Date 05/15/2019. B) “Intended Relaxation media”, YouTube link in Book’s section 5.3.1 is no longer available… Please refer to following Blog Post providing Options to either use alternate media, or to obtain the Intended media, Highly Recommended to avoid confusion…: https://riseandshineanxietydepression.net/2020/08/23 4th/Final Edition -- "The Final Cut": Add'l Layer of Rationale/Definition provided Elaborating & Tying Key Pieces of Book together, supporting Why So Effective (!) & Why this is All We Can Do as humans… Book's Effectiveness has not changed since Original, when reading/working Book’s Tools/Skills. Reading Book will Educate the Average Individual who struggles some with negativity/Stresses, on How Best to Optimize their Game plan in Life. When Sufferers Read and Work this TRUE Self-Help Book, this is when It's True Power is Felt/Understood! This for those who Suffer with not only Anxiety/Depression, but for All negative based thinking Issues; PTSD, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Addiction Recovery, BPD, Bipolar 2 (at least)... Since this TRUE Self-Help Book provides all we can do as humans, to take care of Our Well-Being, the NATURAL Way with Permanent results, this applies to most everyone… It's All about a Tremendous Education from a X-Sufferer as I am now, along w/Professionals She Knew and Trusted. Then, lots of Growth/Experience (40 + years), along with additional down times in Life. Key Additions were added which were Huge for me, and Certainly would be Important for any Sufferer... I was a Significant Sufferer with A&D & OCD, for just about 25 years; A Worse Caser! I Do Not Want To See Anyone Go Thru This or Similar, & This Has Been My #1 Incentive In Writing This Book, after starting to write this to Help, if not Save Son after I Saved myself. I Certainly Understand what it is like when Anxiety and Depression goes unchecked; (4) times in a psych wards...attempted pulling the plug twice... We All have to do the Work Ourselves in Life Unquestionably! And without Change, there is no change in the way we Think & Operate which is Key! After So Many Years of Education/Growth/Experience (40 years now actually), Can't Imagine in a TRUE Self-Help/Self-Select Book, there Could Be Anything Better! This Book's True Power & Importance, based on Tying these Key Pieces together: 1.) Optimum/Proven, Detailed Positivity Tools/Skills Process, w/Full Instruction set teaches us How Best To Change Our negative thoughts and mindset to Positive Thoughts and Mindset. This is the Bottom Line Key to Rid Ourselves from negativity which is root cause of most of Our Issues in Life (i.e. those individual neg. thoughts/& sources of, Self-Personalizing Process). Process allows us to Develop & Build-Up Our Inner Strength & Positivity Threshold. 2.) Allowing Our Faith to Grow... (ref. sect. 4). This the Basis of Our Positivity, & Helps Us through Recovery, Helps Amend or Establish that Strong Foundation, Helps Dealing with Life's Issues which push past our Positivity Threshold, especially when things stack up Outside Our Control! In Sum this Solidifies Everything & Our Peace Of Mind! & YES, Need Our #1 Dependence! Section 4 also addresses, what is going wrong in Our Society and People these days complicating Our Lives with so many things unimportant vs. Things of Great Importance, including losing sight of the “Big Picture”… besides Issues of Greed, overuse of social media, our texting ways vs. using the vocal chords we were born with… Of Course Exercise, Eating Well, and Power in laughter/:)s also addressed. Go to Blog post : riseandshineanxietydepression.net/2020/03/10  elaborating on Book's Substance/Effectiveness per what Known & have witnessed w/Book in Hand. Besides, Free as needed Coaching/Cheerleading provided as ID'd per post's last paragraph... Read On for You and Your Loved Ones! Author Ron

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