Stress Management: A Basic Guide

Stress Management: A Basic Guide Summary

Stress is a reality we confront daily in the personal and professional areas of our lives. Stress Management: A Basic Guide is designed to challenge readers to commit to self-exploration on a daily basis as a means for managing stress effectively. This textbook/workbook is an excellent tool that can empower us to be more proactive in developing and implementing positive daily habits that foster growth, balance and well-being. A variety of writing exercises are presented to assist in
identifying key areas of stress and to guide the reader in implementing a successful stress management plan.

Stress Management: A Basic Guide provides a roadmap for all lifestyles, addressing the needs of Mind, Body and Spirit. It also can be utilized to minimize stress in other critical areas of our lives such as Finances and Relationships.:
 Learn five steps for developing and implementing an effective stress management plan
 Identify ten strategies for minimizing stress in your personal and professional life
 Feel better about yourself as you begin to increase your professional productivity? Experience greater joy and enrichment in personal relationships

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