The Richest Man in Babylon (Original Classic Edition)

The Richest Man in Babylon (Original Classic Edition) Summary

ACCUMULATE ALL OF THE RICHES THAT YOU DESIREBe all that you are capable of, as you start your journey of self-discovery and be on your way to fill your conscious and subconscious mind, heart, and soul, with positive energy and life-enhancing ideas.The Richest Man in Babylon, is a classic, insightful, financial, motivational guide that has lead many generations to monetary and personal success. As you welcome a new financial empowerment, learn: • How to acquire money, keep it, and put it to work to make even more money • The secret to financial success 
• Why “paying yourself first” will increase your savings 
• How to save while you’re paying down debt • How to attract “good luck”
 • The best investments for your future 
• Why it’s easy to manage your own finances It’s one of the bestselling financial books of all time, having sold millions of copies, and now you can put it to work for you! During his eighty two years Clason was a soldier, businessman and writer. He served in the United States Army during the Spanish–American War. Clason started two companies, the Clason Map Company of Denver Colorado and the Clason Publishing Company. The Clason Map Company was the first to publish a road atlas of the United States and Canada, and did not survive the Great Depression.

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The richest man in Babylon5 star

I give this five stars to encourage people to read it. But I would rather give it 4 because I wish there was more.55

Mr 80s Success

Great knowledge for great minds5 star

I can surely say , it impressed upon me the need to share such abundance of knowledge with my kids and start applying such art of building wealth.55


Fantastic way to educate yourself on finances while following great stories5 star

Read it to establish a basic foundation of financial knowledge!!55

Happy Scientist

Colorful stories on how to achieve riches5 star

Great lessons on growing wealth. Today the government allows us to save and grow faster by putting in an Individual Retirement Account.55

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