What Are You Here to Heal?

What Are You Here to Heal? Summary

In Katherine’s book, What Are You Here to Heal? A Self-Reflective Guide, she invites you to keep a journal to write down your thoughts as you read. The self-reflective guide will deepen your journey into the concepts and ideas outlined in her book. She talks about the difference between knowing something intellectually and knowing something on a cellular level. The guide makes it easy to explore the thoughts that are keeping you stuck, especially if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired or if you know someone who is. It is the perfect guide to complement your journey to end the suffering in the world—your world. Let your answers to the questions in each chapter guide you to a deeper conversation about why you are here and why love is the answer to every question—only, always. Find out more about Katherine at www.katherinebridge.com.

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