Complete Adventure Mystery Detective of A. E. W. Mason

Complete Adventure Mystery Detective of A. E. W. Mason Summary

A British author and politician. He is best remembered for his 1902 novel The Four Feathers. 

The Four Feathers (1902)
At the Villa Rose (1910)
The Affair at the Semiramis Hotel (1917)
The Watchers (1899)
The Four Corners of the World (1917)
Clementina (1901)
Running Water (1906)
The Summons (1920)
Witness For The Defence (1914)
The Broken Road (1907)
The Courtship of Morrice Buckler (1896)
Ensign Knightley and Other Stories (1901)
Green Stockings (1910)
The Truants (1904)
Lawrence Clavering (1897)
A Romance of Wastdale (1910)
The Philanderers (1897)
Miranda of the Balcony (1899)
The Turnstile (1912)
Parson Kelly (1899)

The Four Feathers - 
British officer Harry Faversham resigns his commission just prior to the Battle of Omdurman for personal reasons, rather than cowardice, but he is faced with censure from three of his comrades, each of whom presents him with a feather, and the loss of the support of his fiancĂ©e, who presents him with the fourth feather. Questioning his true motives, Harry resolves to redeem himself in combat, travelling on his own to the war-ravaged Sudan. 

The Broken Road - 
A gripping Raj novel of the Indian frontier that explores the sense of duty that drove successive generations of British men to sacrifice their lives for the goals of empire. 

At the Villa Rose - 
The story opens at the tables at Monte Carlo where a young Englishman is succeeding in breaking the bank. That evening a murder is committed in a villa near the town, under the most curious circumstances, in which a girl is deeply involved. Hanaud, the great detective, is put upon the trail. Through the most thrilling incidents the story moves along to a conclusion as startling as the crime. 

The "witness for the defense" perjures himself and saves a woman (whose love he had won seven years before and sacrificed for personal ambition) from conviction of the shooting of her husband, a secret and cruel dipsomaniac. He loses track of her for some time but then finds that he must renounce her again, unwillingly this time, as her love has been given to the man who has married her secretly in spit of his realization of the truth long before she confesses it.

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