Complete Mystery Detective Humor History of Robert Barr

Complete Mystery Detective Humor History of Robert Barr Summary

A British-Canadian short story writer and novelist.  Includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.

In a Steamer Chair And Other Stories (1892)
From Whose Bourne (1893)
The Face and the Mask (1894)
In the Midst of Alarms (1894)
One Day's Courtship and The Heralds of Fame (1896)
Revenge! (1896)
A Woman Intervenes or, The Mistress of the Mine (1896)
The Strong Arm (1899)
Jennie Baxter, Journalist (1899)
A Prince of Good Fellows (1901)
The King in Yellow (1895)
The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont (1906)
A Rock in the Baltic (1906)
The O'Ruddy, A Romance (1903)
The Sword Maker (1910)
Two Sherlock Holmes Parodies
Lord Stranleigh Abroad (1913)

The Face and the Mask (1894)
Twenty-four delightful short stories are collected in this volume. Mr. Barr is one of the most interesting and remarkable of American writers. "A pure humorist," A. Conan Doyle calls him. He is happily described by The London Atheneaum as a writer who deals with real men and women.
A Prince of Good Fellows (1901)
James V of Scotland, brave, chivalrous, generous-hearted, impulsive and full of delightful strategy, with a mania for wandering about his kingdom incognito, is a character worthy of the role of hero in any novel or drama, and Mr. Barr's extended knowledge of new and interesting incidents in connection with the life of this youthful monarch, his knowledge of many small events which are here so entertainingly presented, makes it impossible not to enjoy the work in its entirety.

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