The Deadliest Sin Series Collection Books 1-3: Wrath

The Deadliest Sin Series Collection Books 1-3: Wrath Summary

Can you survive wrath?

His first mistake is taking her.
His second mistake is thinking I won't come for her.
Mine is letting wrath consume me and believing I won't have to pay for my sins.

This three-book collection includes Wrath, After Wrath, and Surviving Wrath. Dive into the world of the Albanian mob in this dark mafia romantic suspense collection.

"I am done [with the series] and I have to tell you that after reading Surviving Wrath: it's like I was sucker-punched, left raw and bewildered. However, the ending put me back together. One of the best stories that I have read!!!" - 5-star review

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Just the way I like it5 star

Raw, gritty, dark and all the good things in between. Devour this series and fall in love with Gwyn’s writing and brilliant mind!55


Amazing series5 star

This series is MINDBLOWING in ever way possible! Love found in darkness always brings hope, but is it love that is meant to last? That is the question you have to answer for yourself as you embark on this dark sinister journey! There will be tears, you will want to throw your device and curse Gwyn in every way but you will fall in love with this dark twisted tale and trust me you will want MORE! Grab this series now that it’s all complete and together because you do not want to miss out!55


Rollercoaster Ride with Instant Chemistry 🥰5 star

Book 1 OMG! A rollercoaster of a read! It is a novella so you expect it to happen fast, but I didn’t want to get to the end! I was fully engaged in this brother against brother story! The ending killed me, but it was a great story! Book 2 I am loving these books! They are quick reads, but I just want them to keep going! I loved Brynn and the instant chemistry they have. I loved that she could stand toe to toe with him. The ending though???? It totally surprised the heck out of me! I can’t wait to read the next book! Book 3 This was a fast read, but full of gun fights and steamy scenes. It was also full of surprises! This series has been a roller coaster ride from the beginning! Totally worth it!💙55



A dark twisted tale of a forbidden love WRATH I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this book. I just figured since it was written by Gwyn it had to be awesome, and I was not disappointed. Wrath was dark and bloody, but it is also intense and beautiful in a way. Even though the end was not anything that I was expecting, it was one of the beautiful parts of the story. AFTER WRATH After Wrath is the second book in the Deadliest Sin Series and you have to have read Wrath first. If you are looking for a different type of romance, one that is brutal, not your everyday hearts and roses and has hard, dangerous men who have no mercy. Then this may be a book and series you want to take a look at. Alek has come to get vengeance for the wrongs that have been done, but first he has to find the root of the problem. On his road to vengeance Alek comes across Brynn. A staggering woman who is only trying to better herself and take care of her ill mother. That epilogue just blew everything I thought up. SURVIVING WRATH The third and finale book in The Deadliest Sin Series. An unexpected, violent way to end this story, but truly amazing! Surviving Wrath is an emotional journey really, the most emotional book of the series. Everything comes full circle in this book and shows you how revenge can impact lives. If you haven’t already, you should give this series a try by starting with Wrath.55

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