The Last Cowboy in the East

The Last Cowboy in the East Summary

Detective Sergeant Harriet is working the night shift in a backwater town in Ireland. In the interview room, she is surprised to see a fully blown cowboy, bruised and belligerent.

“It was three hours past sundown,” he says. He describes, “some no good wastrel whooping it up with a lady.” Then he clams up like a clenched fist. He will say no more in front of “a lady.” I almost look around for one but he means me.

She digs the truth out of him, and in getting him to acknowledge his influences, finds some truths out about her own.

Please note: This is a COMPLETE short story, 1,989 words. I think one of the reviewers has the wrong end of the stick. At the end of the short story is the first chapter of my full length novel. You can skip it if you like!

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