Uncle Wiggily's Story Book

Uncle Wiggily's Story Book Summary

Uncle Wiggily Longears is one of the most beloved and enduring characters of children’s literature. The creation of American author Howard R. Garis, the charming Uncle Wiggily is an elderly rabbit who uses a crutch to get around and often visits with and helps his many friends and neighbors, such as his nephew and niece Sammie and Susie Littletail, Dr. Possum, Jennie Chipmunk, Dottie and Willie Lambkin, the friendly bear cubs Neddie and Beckie Stubtail, and many more. The first Uncle Wiggily tale appeared in 1910 in the “Newark News” and Garis continued to publish a story of the adventures of the lovable rabbit and his animal friends six days a week for over 52 years. Uncle Wiggily is clever and brave in these entertaining tales, often there in time to lend a hand to his friends and help them fend off bullies and villains, such as the troublesome Pipsisewah, his sidekick Skeezicks, and the outrageous Scuttlemagoon, all intent on mischief. These engaging stories with their interesting cast of characters have captivated children for decades and remain widely read and enjoyed the world over a century later they first appeared. “Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book” collects thirty-six of Garis’ most popular Uncle Wiggily stories together.

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