How to Start and Grow Your Subscription Box

How to Start and Grow Your Subscription Box Summary

Would you like to have your own subscription box business, providing you with recurring income each month? 

This book helps you come up with your subscription box idea, set up your website and start selling. Then take it even further and use the marketing tips in the book to reach your first 1000 subscribers.

Written by Bemmu Sepponen, the founder of Candy Japan, the Japanese candy subscription service profitably in operation since 2011.

Topics covered in the book

· How much money you can make (with proof).
· Coming up with your box idea.
· How to be extra sure that you are offering something that people will actually want to buy.
· How to find an excellent domain name which is still available.
· Choosing your subscription e-commerce platform, covering all the major options available today.
· What credit card fraud is and how it can affect you.
· How to get custom boxes made.
· Preparing inserts, sealing and photographing your box.
· How to market your box without losing money.

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