Making Ideas Happen

Making Ideas Happen Summary

How the world's leading innovators push their ideas to fruition again and again

Edison famously said that genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration. Ideas for new businesses, solutions to the world's problems, and artistic breakthroughs are common, but great execution is rare.

According to Scott Belsky, the capacity to make ideas happen can be developed by anyone willing to develop their organizational habits and leadership capability. That's why he founded Behance, a company that helps creative people and teams across industries develop these skills.

Belsky has spent six years studying the habits of creative people and teams that are especially productive-the ones who make their ideas happen time and time again. After interviewing hundreds of successful creatives, he has compiled their most powerful-and often counterintuitive-practices, such as:

•Generate ideas in moderation and kill ideas liberally
•Prioritize through nagging
•Encourage fighting within your team

While many of us obsess about discovering great new ideas, Belsky shows why it's better to develop the capacity to make ideas happen-a capacity that endures over time.

Book Reviews


Focus focus!5 star

I have to admit I've been a user on the behance website since 2008. Always loved the quality of the user interface, and the general ideas it fostered. I saw this book on a new friends desk at a dinner party, and asked about it, once I knew it was from the man and team behind behance, I knew I had to read it. It's helping me now approach every work day and projects a bit differently. All in a more focused and efficient way. Highly recommend it.55

Steve Hullfish

Invaluable resource for creatives of all types5 star

I loved this book. I highlighted at least one critical component to the success of a current project on every single page of this book. With previous books, if I'd done a concept per chapter I would have considered it a good read. I have recommended this book to the two people in the creative world that I respect the most. I will reread it for sure.55


Truly inspirational.5 star

A very motivating read. I truly believe in the authors call to action. However I feel Action Method could be further refined before asking for a monthly payment, especially the Adobe Air downloadable app.55

Prof. David C. Pecoraro

Founder, Company Shepherd5 star

As a person who has been making theatrical productions and special events happen for the past 30 years, I can endorse this book as an invaluable resource for anyone who is involved in the creation of entertainment with a fixed deadline - an opening night. Thanks!55


Good but3 star

It's good, but a little boring.35


Shallow and useless1 star

This book makes me feel that author wrote it just so that he could promote his subscription based service. There's not much insight and the people he interviewed are mostly middle management people who don't have much more to say other than to confirm author's shallow understandings. If you are a person who is not too much a mess, you don't have to read this book at all.15

Donald Draper

Great book5 star

I read this in two days and and loved it! Execution is so undervalued during the creative process! The online module works for me and now is on my screen instead of my inbox!!!55


Great5 star

Wow! This book has completely changed the way I plan out my day and ideas. It is a priceless read!55


Game Changer5 star

I had all but given up on my creative endeavors out of sheer overwhelm. I started to believe my vision may be doomed to live in stacks of dust covered notebooks. As a creative person living for the next moment of inspiration, the thought of never actually manifesting the ideas I live for, leaves me feeling desperate, to say the least. Scott Belsky recognizes the potential creative people have to change the world, as well as the tendency we have to get bogged down in the steps of realizing our dreams. He's offering tangible steps in his Action Method that even the most unorganized minds can follow and build results with. This is a real game changer!55

Chess nut 9

Well written, clear and concise information5 star

Easy to understand--and thus follow--project management advice targeting creativity and productivity. Well worth the price! This guy is good!55

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