American Sign Language 6 - 10

American Sign Language 6 - 10 Summary

An introduction to American Sign Language by Dr. Bill of ASL University ( This is part 2 of the series, containing lessons 6 - 10. Features self-study quizzes, videos, and interactive quizzes.

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Somewhere In N CA

American Sign Language1 star

I can’t seem to Delete this book out of my Library. I’ve Googled how-to, but nothing works. It’s the only collection that has this issue.15


I’m3 star

The new version of35


I’m learning a lot5 star

I’ve always wanted to learn sign language. One of my managers at work is deaf and it really made me want to really learn the language. It’s great and easy!55


Great use of enhanced features5 star

Great use of enchanced features iBooks are capable of makes this book come alive and it is fun to progress. Wonderful learning opportunity with this book. Much better than relying on hard to interpret drawings. The book is still getting imrovements which the author said will be free so the book will improve over time. I hit a snag or two here and there but overall it was great. I would strongly recommend. I use his website which you can access for free but it is nice to have the material in this format and I willingly paid for it to support the author’s good work and to see if this format would be as good as I hoped it would be. It was.55

Tennis piano

Amazing5 star

This book helped me so much. It shows you how to do the sign and if the video is to fast for you they will tell you how to do it, not like other websites or books I have bought where I would have to watch it again and again to figure it out even if I did figure it out.55


Great ebook5 star

I love how the book is interactive. The videos are short. Such a great help in learning ASL.55

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