Epic Vegan Pressure Cooking

Epic Vegan Pressure Cooking Summary

Dear future Pressure Cooker addict,

We received our electric pressure cooker in November of 2015 and we have been hooked ever since. An electric pressure cooker allows you to cook food under pressure thus reducing the cooking time dramatically. It has been a tool that has completely revolutionized our kitchen. We can make things from scratch in a fraction of the time (so we know what is actually going in to it) and cook big batches in advance so we always have healthy meals at the ready.

We really just wanted to create a recipe book that would give people everyday recipes. Recipes that you would actually use, that use everyday ingredients. A book that anyone could pick up, follow along and be confident about cooking food that actually tastes good.

We went a step further and included a7-day challenge and shopping guide so that you can see how versatile this machine is. You can use it for every meal throughout the week. The pressure cooker is a tool that you will actually use and is not a gimmick.

We wish you the best with your plant-based journey.

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