Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: The Essential Vegan Cookbook To Get Started

Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: The Essential Vegan Cookbook To Get Started Summary

The Vegan Cookbook for Beginners was made for the everyday cook who wants to add delicious vegan meals into their diet and experience amazing health results. Plant-based meals celebrate the rich, natural flavors of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, and can provide amazing nutritional value to help you lose weight and help fight the onset of everything from diabetes to heart disease. While most vegan cookbooks are geared towards experienced vegans, The Vegan Cookbook for Beginners is the perfect companion for anyone new to a plant-based diet, with easy guidelines, simple shopping lists, and quick vegan cookbook recipes.

For those who are exploring veganism for the first time, The Vegan Cookbook for Beginnerswill inspire you to create hearty and flavorful meals to please even the most skeptical carnivore. The editors of The Vegan Cookbook will show you the easy way to add vegan recipes into your diet, with over 150 quick and easy vegan cookbook meals from breakfast to dessert. Start off the day with a healthy bite of Pumpkin Spice Muffins, or please the whole family with hearty Black Bean Vegetable Enchiladas for dinner. The Vegan Cookbook for Beginners will let you experience the benefits of improved health and increased energy.

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Frustrated1 star

I can not open this book. My software is up to date, I have deleted book re-downloaded and restarted my phone, I can't count how many times I have done this. The vegetarian cookbook for beginners does the same, it opens then it crashes. For a year I have been trying to open this, maybe dumb but I'm not one to complain until I have exhausted every effort possible. The book in itself was great, when I was actually opened it. So maybe this review isn't exactly about the book itself, just the fact that I can't open it. Please help!15


Worth Buying4 star

I’ve never really considered becoming a vegan, but the recipes in this book make it seem like a very doable transition. The explanations that it provides help in giving the interested reader some background about veganism in order to have a better understanding of what he or she may be embarking on. It’s a sound investment if thinking about learning the lifestyle.45



The history of veganism is explored in the beginning of the book. The book goes into great detail of benefits one could recieve from following a vegan diet.The recipes are good. I tried 3 different smoothies and they were quite tasty. I was a vegetarian for several years and the diet would be an easy transition for me. I think they could have included a better variety of breakfast foods. The diet requires discipline and it allows you to start off slow, allowing users to adjust over time.....great!!!55


Certainly lives up to the title4 star

This book was an awesome introduction into the world of veganism. This is so much more than a recipe book. While there are many delicious sounding recipies (many of them will make you forget there isn't any meat) the explanation of a healthy transition is what I liked the most. For instance, the author explains that it would be better to gradually transition into a vegan lifestyle rather than diving in head on, for reasons you'll only understand if you've read the book! I'd like to see more pictures of the food, which is why I didn't give it the full stars but other than that I loved it.45


This Made Me a Vegan Believer4 star

As somebody who has always been curious about veganism but hasn’t had the nerve to actually try it, I found “Vegan Cookbook for Beginners” to have the perfect balance between information about nutrition and diet with delicious and simple recipes that anybody can make. It also includes a ready-to-use meal plan as well as tips and advice on how to make the transition to veganism smoother.45


I'm not vegan but I have friends who are5 star

I do not practice a vegan diet or lifestyle but I have many friends who do. I was curious and wanted to be able to host all of my friends for dinners with confidence and have found this book both informative and interesting! I would definitely recommend it to any who are considering a vegan diet or just curious!55


Vegan Cooking Made Delicious!!4 star

Making major life changes is never easy but the Vegan Cookbook for Beginners certainly put me on the right path. Delicious recipe options and tons of information about the health benefits of going vegan. It's time to change the way you eat and feel!45


Great for vegans.3 star

A great cookbook...for vegans. If you like meat, look elsewhere for diet books. This book does not say anything about exercise as part of a weight loss routine, and the first chapter reads like a vegan manifesto. I'm all for eating healthy, but is it really necessary to espouse all the so-called spiritual reasons for going vegan? If you're tired of eating meat and/or cheese and/or fish, knock yourself out, this is the book for you. Otherwise, there's plenty of other resources for healthy diets that include all those things your instincts tell you you want.35


Intelligent, Powerful and DELICIOUS!!5 star

Vegan food plan and lifestyle is the most profoundly intelligent approach to living ever known to mankind. YOU + this KNOWLEDGE results in your becoming a most awesome human being. In keeping it simple, this beautifully written guide coupled with truly delicious recipes will bring you radiant health. Your decision to step onto the path is made easy after a thoughtful read. Try: Ginger Berry Beet Juice recipe to begin your journey. Delicious!55

James D. Taylor

The Essential Vegan Cookbook to Get Started3 star

If you are interested in learning about Veganism, read this book. It is not just a diet book with recipes. Veganism is also a philosophy and a compassionate lifestyle.35

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