Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginners: Essentials To Get Started

Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginners: Essentials To Get Started Summary

Now you can whip up quick, filling vegan meals straight from your slow cooker.

Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginnerswill take the time and frustration out of cooking vegan at home. Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginners offers healthy, simple vegan slow cooker recipes designed perfectly for the busy vegan. Vegan Slow Cookershows you how to use your slow cooker to make hearty vegan meals and save hours of time every day. With 150 easy and delicious vegan slow cooker recipes, Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginners is a comprehensive guide to creating nutritious and flavorful plant-based meals—with enough for leftovers. 

Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginnerswill show you how to create easy vegan slow cooker meals with:

• 150 delicious and simple vegan slow cooker recipes
• Vegan slow cooker crowd-pleasers, such as Black Bean Breakfast Burritos, Vegan Eggplant Parmesan, and Chocolate–Peanut Butter Cake
• Tips for buying the slow cooker that’s right for your lifestyle
• Advice on stocking your pantry and equipping your kitchen from the editors of Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginners

Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginners is your no-hassle guide to enjoying the healthful benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Book Reviews

Sid P.

Really helpful book!5 star

This is a great resource for vegans and would-be vegans alike, and the tips for using slow cookers successfully was an added bonus! It was wonderful to learn more about cooking with meat alternatives with step-by-step instructions that were easy to follow.55


Great Book for Beginner Vegans!!4 star

The Vegan Cookbook is filled with so many essentials! Chapters include recipes of smoothies, juices, meals and dishes for an array of occasions, the health benefits, how to make the transition and so much more. And even though a lot of ahead planning is needed to change towards a Vegan lifestyle, this book makes is seem so simple with its variety of meals. Recipes included: cinnamon and banana pancakes, pumpkin spice muffins, Green Goddess and Watermelon wake up juices, an array of Salad Dressings, types of Salads, Soups, Appetizers, Sauces, Main Dishes and a ton of Desserts!! The book was not only an easy read (with lots of recipes), it also gave helpful information on understanding the Vegan lifestyle, health benefits, and individual well-being45


Great buy!4 star

I was thrilled to purchase this book and have more vegan dishes to enjoy. As a pescetarian, I don’t eat much meat, so these recipes are perfect. I love that they’re so detailed, yet simple. I’m excited to continue using this book in the kitchen for a long time. I also appreciate the helpful intro it includes. You won’t regret purchasing this one!45


Yummy recipes for those new to Vegan Cooking5 star

Great cookbook for those new to vegan. The recipes are neatly organized into breakfast, appetizers, main course, and a desserts format. Recipes are easy to follow and surprisingly delicious for those who aren't familiar with vegan cooking. They cover a variety of different ethnic styles of cooking like Indian, Mexican and Middle Eastern based dishes. The recipes call for a fair amount of canned ingredients but there is also an easy to follow conversion section for those who prefer using fresh beans which are more economical and healthier. All in all a great cookbook for someone new to vegan cooking and by using a slow cooker it makes it more feasible with today's busy lifestyles.55

Hawkfan 41

A great intro to Vegan Slow cooking5 star

This book, Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginners, is a great addition to my menu planning regimen. It contains easy to follow recipes and uses common ingredients. It also includes a list of ‘must have’ vegan foods to keep stocked in your kitchen. Overall a great guide to getting started with Vegan slow cooking.55


Cooking for my loved ones5 star

Rockridge Press published, Vegan Slow Cooker For Beginners, this year-2013. The book contains 150 vegan recipes. I appreciated the Coconutty Oats, which, according to the book; are easily digestible, and should be a popular choice amongst the elderly. I would love to cook the coconut and oat breakfast for my loved ones in the future.55


Good read for anyone4 star

Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginners is a great resource cookbook that educates beginner cookers on how to create vegan cuisine using a slow cooker/crockpot. Helping to eliminate the time-consuming commitment of traditional food preparation, the book breaks down recipes housed under breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks categories and gives best slow cooker methods for each individualized recipe.45


Vegan Slow Cooker for beginners5 star

I would recommend this cook book for vegans and carnivores alike. It is complete, from beginning to end, including which crock pot to buy! You will want to try every recipe, from every chapter. Loaded with healthy and easy fix recipes, I predict it will be your “go to” cookbook for every occasion.55


Vegan Slow Cooker for Beginners5 star

...I am a new "Vegan" and this book TRULY eased my transition. From the very beginning it walks you through everything you need to know about vegan eating, From meat alternatives like tofu to how to prepare your beans for cooking. Being that it is a slow cooker recipe book it also allows you to make these delicious recipes ahead of time. A great plus for the working person!!! By the way, did I sayDELICIOUS recipes?!? You bet I did! Spicy Pecans, Macaroni and Cheese, Brown Betty, Tempeh Enchilada Casserole and my favorite, Who Needs Meat Meat Sauce! "The Vegan Slow Cooking for Beginners" is a super book to have in your kitchen. It takes away any misconceptions or insecurities you might have about switching to a healthier lifestyle.55


Have no fear Beginner4 star

If you are new to being a Vegan eater and looking for ways to cook healthy meals without sacrificing taste and variety, this book is a great and informative starting point. “The Vegan Cookbook for Beginners” is an easy to read and follow slow cooker cookbook. The book begins with an introduction of the different reasons many have made the lifestyle choice. I would also recommend this book for someone that has difficulty chewing. There are a variety of recipes in several categories: Breakfast, snacks, sides, appetizers, soups, stews and chilies, beans and grains, vegetables, meat alternatives, international cuisine, saving the best for last, desserts. I am looking forward to preparing a few meals for upcoming dinner parties.45

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