An Angel Set Me Free

An Angel Set Me Free Summary

Inspiring and powerful true stories of communication with beings from the Afterlife from one of the country's most successful and sought after psychics. Includes amazing accounts of guardian angel interventions, mysterious rescues, miraculous recoveries, unexplained powers of psychic children and animals.

In her new book, outstanding psychic Dorothy Chitty presents an incredible collection of real-life stories taken from both her own life and from others who have experienced the power of the Afterlife. Find out the truth behind what happens when our guardian angels appear to us in various guises when we need them most - and often when we least expect it.

Stories include:
Guardian angels we know - like the woman's family who cheated death on the Zeebrugge ferry when she heard her mother's warning from beyond the graveNot our time to go - when unknown forces save us, like the rock climber who was saved when he was lifted up by invisible hands when he fell thirty feetHealing miracles - when asking the angels for help can save us, like the young woman with a brain tumour who asked the spirits for and her next scan showed it had gone, leaving just a cross where it had beenGuidance from the other side - signs that point you on your life path, like the man who's life changed when he was told to go to Canada and he discovered his ideal careerPsychic children - how children are more open to seeing spirits and guardian angels, like the little girl who saw how she had died in a previous life, and now passed on messages from her dead brotherPsychic animals - the bond between animals and their owners that continues after death, like the man whose dead dog carried on leaving his newspaper on the front porch
About the author

Dorothy is based in the UK but gives regular talks and runs workshops both in the UK and US. These events are are always oversubscribed purely from personal recommendations. She also has clients in France, Spain, Australia and South Africa. Dorothy is such an inspiring psychic that there is currently a 3-month waiting list for her readings and she is one of the most sought-after psychic experts in the country.

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