Big Sur, Garrapata Park

Big Sur, Garrapata Park Summary

Big Sur, Garrapata Park is an eBook in HD, from the Visual Relaxation project, that provides quick, simple and relaxing connections to nature’s beauty and harmony. 

Designed for use on iPads, computers, iPhones, iPods, and even big screen TVs , this special eBook offers a refreshing seventy seven-seconds HD views of the spectacular coastline and cliffs of Garrapata Park, one of the unspoiled and often overlooked Big Sur jewels.

Garrapata Park at Dawn, Sunrise, Sunset and Dusk eBook Highlights:
Original seventy seven-seconds HD video-views featuring the authentic sounds and capturing natural beauty of Garrapata Park in Big Sur at Dawn, Sunrise, Sunset and Dusk View of early sunlight illuminating the morning sky, ocean surf and ancient rocks, all emerging from the night... View of morning sunlight transforming the cool ocean breeze into a white shimmering mist... View of the rugged Garrapata coastline lit by the setting sun on a fog-free afternoon... View of massive underwater rock formations and the crashing power of arctic waves … View of the white and untamed Pacific surf after a powerful winter storm... All captured in HD with Canon 5D Mark II and optimized for the iPad, iPhone and through Apple TV even for the big screen TVs.
The Visual Relaxation Project applies findings from Attention Restoration Theory (A.R.T.), and of numerous other studies, indicating that stress and mind fatigue are partially caused by a  “nature deficit,” and delivers refreshingly simple and relaxing audiovisual experience.

You can learn more about Attention Restoration Theory concept on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the web.

Do not forget to check back at for NEW releases of mind refreshing, relaxing views from other beautiful locations around the world.

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