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Written without collaborators and based on decades of tape recordings he made throughout his career, Hitman is Bret Hart's brutally honest, perceptive and startling account of his life in and out of the ring that proves once and for all that great things come in pink tights.

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Joe Insyder

Kinda boring2 star

Good stories but so boring .25


Hitman5 star

Bret Hart has a great story to tell and allows readers and wrestling fans an inside look at his insane life. I wish him peace away from the grief and sadness caused by the dark side of his family, his profession, and his endless losses. He will always be in the top 5 favorite wrestling hero’s of all time. Thank you.55


Best wrestling book ever written5 star

The best wrestling book I’ve ever read by a guy that put as much care and effort into his line of work as a pro wrestler as he did in his book.55


The best5 star

Best wrestling autobiography ever.55


The greatest story teller5 star

This is a great book by one of the best story tellers ever in the wrestling world. Bret writes with great detail and such passion that it makes you believe you are right there with him . Great read for wrestling and non wrestling fans. Thanks Bret!55

Ace Luckstar

The Hitman5 star

As a boy I watches The Road Warriors, which morphed into watching WCW. I did not like Bret Hart at all. I watched through the nWo years and when Bret came to WCW I thought of him as smug and arrogant. THEN....... I read this book. After reading this book I have the utmost respect for Bret Hart and my heart goes out to him. This is a fantastic book and a must read if your a wrestling fan. Wow, I was blown away by this one.55


Best Author there is, best author there was, best author there ever will be5 star

To say this book gives you every detail of Bret "the hitman" Harts life is accurate...I relived my favorite montes and learned about the other moments in his life that were not on camera. Bret talks about himself and everyone around him as humanly possible. He inspired me when he was a wrestler and now as an author. Thank you Bret.55


The best!!5 star

This book is full of good memorys of the good times of wrestling!! I you bret!! You are still the best there is,there whas and ever will be!!! You are the best my friend!!! It was a honner reading your book!55

An Artist Unknown

Bret is amazing!5 star

I've always loved the hitman. But after reading this book I can honestly say I love Bret. What an amazing wrestler and, more important, person!55


3.5 stars3 star

As a female I would never read a wrestling book in my life however I did have a bit of a crush on BH when I was a teen so I figured "why not"? The beginning is very detailed and the book is quite lengthy but I can say the opinion or idea I had of BH is totally different now that I read the book. He seems so much more human than his persona that I grew up with. I applaud him for writing this book. His family issues are heartbreaking (and hits close to home for me as well) and living in Connecticut so close to Vince McMahon it made me ashamed to say we are even from the same state. Shame on VM-he exposed and played people for his own gain and still seems to do that today. A very detailed yet easy read-not disappointing at all!35

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