How To Bench BIG

How To Bench BIG Summary

The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Your Bench Press Strength!
Are you tired of always benching the same weight, making little to no progress?
Do you wish you could finally break through those stubborn strength plateaus and get back to setting NEW Bench PRs?
And do you also want to learn how to master your bench press technique so you can lift the maximum amount of weight your body is capable of?
Then this all-in-one 12-Week Bench Press Program and Master Technique Guide is just what you need to reach your full pressing potential!
Start from any level and set a NEW Bench Max every 12-Weeks!
This bench press book includes a unique 12-Week Strength Program that is proven to give you results over-and-over again! Plus, an in-depth Technique Guide like non-other—for both close and wide grip styles!
A "must-have" guide for those that want to learn how to bench heavy weight properly! First, learn how to perfect your form and correct any weaknesses! Then use the 12-Week Program to keep the gains coming!
So, if you want to:
- Perfect Your Bench Press Technique
- Maximize Your Strength Gain
- and Crush Personal Records
Then get this book today, and get ready to SKYROCKET your pressing strength in a matter of weeks!

First, you don’t need special supplements, crazy overload techniques or piles of food to increase your bench. All you need is the proper lifting technique, workouts, and program to guide you towards your goals! And this complete Bench Press Program and Technique Guide gives you just that!
With just 2 Bench Workouts per week, you will make incredible gains! Plus, learn how to train your weak points with all the best accessory exercises! All of your sets, reps, and exercises are already programmed for you, based on your current 1 Rep Max (with room for adjustment as needed).
So, whether you are a total beginner or an advanced powerlifter, this guide will take your bench to the next level in a matter of weeks!
Plus, this program works for men, women, and teens!
Get yours today and go from a 100, 200 or 300-pound bench press to a BIG Bench no time!

Lower body (squat and deadlift) workouts are not programmed and can be trained as normal. Or, get my "How To Squat 500 lbs RAW” and “How To Deadlift 600 lbs RAW” books to pair with this one!

This one-of-a-kind How To Bench BIG Guide gives you all the tools you need to bench press more weight than ever!
- Bench Press Principles
- Breathing and Bracing Techniques
- Detailed Bench Press Technique (with Full-Color Pictures from multiple angles)
- Bench BIG Technique Checklist
- Close vs. Wide Grip
- Common Mistakes and How To Correct Them
- Bench Press Variations
- Top Accessory Exercises
- Spotter Techniques and Safety
- How To Max Out for Maximum Gain
- Tips and Tricks
- and so much more packed into this nearly 100-page Master Guide!

Get this book today to start building your best bench ever!

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Great program that helped increase my bench!55

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