Kids Sea Camp SeaLife Camera Week

Kids Sea Camp SeaLife Camera Week Summary

Journey with the Bodle family and discover families who love to scuba dive together. Dive Into Your Imagination It's a Kids Sea Camp SeaLife Camera week at DiveTech Grand Cayman on the Cobalt Coast with Underwater Photographer Annie Crawley will take you on a family adventure. You will learn about PADI Seal Team Missions, Advanced Diving, and go scuba diving with sting rays, turtles, shipwrecks and more! This interactive book includes photo galleries, high definition video and a story of adventure with Kids Sea Camp in Grand Cayman.

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Kids books5 star

Love it so fun55

Carmen Dene

Awesome!!!5 star

I loved this book and I found it super informative!!! My 7 year old couldn't put my ipad down!! We really loved the embedded videos!!! I am getting the seahorse book now...can't wait!!!55


Fantastic!5 star

Really enjoyed this iBook. I have a 4 year old and 18 month old and they both loved flipping though the pages of beautiful pictures and interactive clips. The photography is especially gorgeous. Enjoy!55

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