Killer CrossFit Program

Killer CrossFit Program Summary

This is a Killer CrossFit Program that brings you to your knees every workout! This CrossFit program is a program that is designed around intensity, strength and mental fortitude. This program is a 4 week CrossFit program that is very challenging all will make you gain massive amounts of strength in this short period of time. Make sure that before you attempt this CrossFit Plan you fully rest up!

This CrossFit Program contains :
- 4 Day Workouts|2 Days Cardio|1 Day Rest
- One Bonus Completion Calendar 

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Garbage1 star

This book is worthless and isn't even formatted to fit on iBooks. Don't waste your money. There's no information in it.15

Mayne 123


Tough hard workouts, feeliin like i killed the gym and i really love!55

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