Republicans Buy Sneakers Too

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Sports media superstar Clay Travis wants to save sports from the social justice warriors seeking to turn them into another political battleground.

Have you ever tuned into your favorite sports highlights show, only to find the talking heads yammering about the newest Trump tweets or what an athlete thinks about the second amendment? The way Clay Travis sees it, sports are barely about sports anymore. Whether it’s in the stadium or the studio, the conversation isn’t about who’s talented and who stinks. It’s about who said the right or wrong thing from the sidelines or on social media. And we know which side is playing referee in that game.

Having ruined journalism and Hollywood, far left-wing activists have now turned to sports. Travis argues it’s time for right-thinking fans everywhere to put down their beers and reclaim their teams and their traditions. In Republicans Buy Sneakers, Too he replays the arguments he’s won and lays out all the battles ahead. His goal is simple: to make sports great again.

Travis wants sports to remain the great equalizer and ultimate meritocracy—a passion that unites Americans of all races, genders, and creeds, providing an opportunity to find common ground and an escape from polarizing commentary. He takes readers through the recent politicization of sports, controversy by controversy and untalented-but-celebrated hero by hero, and skewers outlets like ESPN which spend more time mimicking MSNBC than covering sports.

Travis hopes that if we can stop sports from being just another political battlefield, and return it to our common ground, we can come together as a country again.

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Go steal more of Jordan’s worst quotes1 star

Right wing nonsense15



As a black man, I had to go into reading this book with an open mind. I’m fed so many narratives I’m why things are the way they are. But I must say, this book tore down so many of my biases and presuppositions. The book is an eye opener to so much of the political madness we have shoved down our throats everyday in the sports world. So much cowardice from the media it’s sickening. This is a must read for every single American. MUST READ!!!55


More right wing garbage.1 star

Poltics have been a part of sports for ages. If you don’t acknowlege it, you aren’t paying attention. Guys like Travis are part of the problem - pretending that athletes aren’t people too, and they just have to fall in line. Travis often disparages free speech and protesting - I guess in his America the 1st amendment wouldn’t exist. The problem isn’t politics, the problem is not addressing the grievances of those who have them. Clay misses the point entirely. “Democrats like sports too” should be the next book someone writes about how the Right wing news media (namely Fox News) sensationalizes and villifies anyone who goes against their agenda. Or, maybe it could be a chapter in the next edition, to balance out this biased crap.15


Truthful and Insightful5 star

Although I had heard about many of the stories contained in the book, I never understood them deeply and how combined they have lead to the politicization of sports. I haven't watched ESPN for years but I really never knew why. I used to be an ESPN fanatic. I just stopped being interested. After reading this book, I now know why. This book is brutally honest and pulls no punches. Really more insightful as to who we are becoming as Americans than what is happening in sports.55


Spot On5 star

Clay sums up our entire current political climate utilizing the microcosm of sports in America. This book is a great read and should be shared with your friends and family to help them make informed decisions.55


Spot on5 star

ESPN is probably crying while reading this55


F*ck ESPN5 star

ESPN is awful and has become The View with a some sports talk as filler55


Spot On!5 star

A true must read55


Great insight5 star

Clay is the sports leader of the IDW. Fast and entertaining read. Your progressive pals will hate based on the cover alone.55

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