The Logical Choice: Tote Board Handicapping Made Easy

The Logical Choice: Tote Board Handicapping Made Easy Summary

Generations of racing fans learned to handicap horse races with one goal in mind: consistently picking winners. Because of their conditioning most people who bet on horse races use the same past performance records as everyone else. Is it any wonder then that most people have zeroed-in on the same three low-priced horses when post time rolls around. Unfortunately, you cannot make long-term profits betting on such horses. You need to find those horses that pay you $14.60, $27.40, $16.80, etc. – what the author calls Value Plays – if you want to make money. This book will show you how.

The author, professional handicapper G W Cohail, has handicapped horse races for over fifty years. In this book, he challenges many aspects of traditional handicapping others take for granted, including the revered Beyer Speed Figures, par times, and daily track variants. He then demonstrates how he successfully bets on horse races with making money, not picking winners, as his primary goal.

Mr. Cohail spent decades handicapping races in a traditional way, always looking for β€œthe winner.” For three decades he never made a lot of money from his handicapping skills, though he tried hard. Luckily, he never lost the rent money either. Then one day while watching the tote board his life changed forever.

Is it possible to wager on horse races and win? The Logical Choice: Tote Board Handicapping Made Easy provides insights into wagering for profit. The concepts presented in this work are usable by anyone, whether they be an experienced handicapper or a budding novice. In many respects, not knowing how to handicap races makes you a better candidate as the less you think you know about handicapping, the less you will have to unlearn.

Even if you find the betting concepts presented in this book difficult to understand, the sections on Beyer Speed Figures, track variants, how to calculate more accurate running times, and how to find 59% winners and still lose money are more than worth the price of this book.

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