Tiger, Meet My Sister...

Tiger, Meet My Sister... Summary

In this hilariously funny essay collection, ESPN columnist Rick Reilly com­piles the best of his sports columns—essays that include his expert opinion on athlete tattoos, NFL cheerleaders, and even running with the bulls in Pamplona.

Rick Reilly has no compunction telling readers, in his quick-witted style, how he really feels about some of the most popular sports figures of our time. Wondering about quarterback Jay Cutler? “Cutler is the kind of guy you just want to pick up and throw into a swimming pool, which is exactly what Peyton Manning and two linemen did one year at the Pro Bowl.”Or how about Tiger Woods? “Sometimes you wonder where Tiger Woods gets his public-relations advice. Gary Busey?”

But for every brazen takedown, Reilly has written a heartwarming story of the power of sports to heal the wounded and lift the downtrodden: the young Ravens fan with cancer who called the plays for a few—victorious—games in 2012, or the onetime top NFL recruit who was finally exonerated after serving five years for a crime he didn’t commit.

Whether he makes you laugh, cry, or just gets under your skin, Rick Reilly is sure to offer a unique and hilarious perspective on your favorite golf players, football teams, MVPs, and more. 

Rick Reilly has been called “one of the funni­est humans on the planet—an indescribable amalgam of Dave Barry, Jim Murray, and Lewis Grizzard, with the timing of Jay Leno and the wit of Johnny Carson” (Publishers Weekly). 

With a new introduction and updates from Reilly on his most talked-about col­umns, Tiger, Meet My Sister... makes the perfect gift for sports fans of all kinds.

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Will not download1 star

The book itself is incredible but it will not download even if your account is charged15

OSU Cowboy

Best sports writer of my generation5 star

You cannot help but smile, cry, laugh or just plain get mad after reading Rick. Opinionated ? Yes. But he catches your emotions by surprise and doesn't let go until the end. I will miss his work55

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