Book Review & Summary of Hillary Rodham Clinton's "What Happened" in 30 Minutes!

Book Review & Summary of Hillary Rodham Clinton's "What Happened" in 30 Minutes! Summary

Thinking about getting Hillary Rodham Clinton's book "What Happened"? You definitely should! But first, take 30 minutes to read this summary and make up your mind! This book summary is value-packed:

-- A book overview to start with the BIG IDEAS.
-- The main themes, questions and conclusions in bullet points to GET TO THE CORE IN NO TIME.
-- The main arguments and ideas as developed in the book, so you can UNDERSTAND WHAT THE BOOK IS REALLY ABOUT.
-- Some food for thought to conclude and help you go beyond.

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On The 30’ Book Summaries Series:

Did you know that most people never finish the books they begin?

Knowledge is key and the books written by thought leaders are the best way to learn on a variety of very specific topics. Having said this, we all need more time and reading a complete book may be complicated. In reality, most people never finish the books they begin.

The ebooks of The 30’ Book Summaries Series aim at facilitating your knowledge-acquisition process. Each ebook in the series contains a short book review AND a book summary aimed at helping you pick great books to read, save time (30 minutes instead of hours of reading) whilst making the most of the best thought leadership books on the market.

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Note: The review and book summary should be used as an introduction to the book but will never replace the author's original work, which we invite you to acquire legally after reading this summary! Happy reading, Happy thinking!

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