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Updated for 2020, Trivium Test Prep’s unofficial, NEW MCOLES Study Guide: MCOLES Exam Prep Review and Practice Test Questions for the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards Reading and Writing Test isn’t your typical exam prep! Because we know your time is limited, we've created a product that goes beyond what most study guides offer. With MCOLES Study Guide, you'll benefit from a quick but total review of everything tested on the exam with current, real examples, graphics, and information. These easy to use materials give you that extra edge you need to pass the first time.
Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards was not involved in the creation or production of this product, is not in any way affiliated with Trivium Test Prep, and does not sponsor or endorse this product.
Trivium Test Prep’s MCOLES Study Guide offers:
A full review of what you need to know for the MCOLES exam Practice questions for you to practice and improve Test tips to help you score higher Trivium Test Prep’s MCOLES Study Guide covers:
Reading Comprehension
Topic and Main Idea Supporting Details Drawing Conclusions The Author’s Purpose and Point of View Comparing Passages Meaning of Words
The Parts of Speech Punctuation Phrases Clauses Common Grammatical Errors Vocabulary Spelling
…and includes TWO FULL practice tests!

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