StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review

StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review Summary

StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review
StrengthsFinder 2.0 is a book by author, researcher, and speaker Tom Rath. The book is a guide to help readers identify their natural talents so that they might develop their strengths in order to do their best each day.
Modern society often concentrates on people’s weaknesses. When a student struggles on a particular subject, they spend more time on that subject than on one in which they excel. This is also true in entertainment. There are many movies that focus on underdogs, characters who have to fight to achieve success rather than developing their natural talents. Even modern language is more focused on weakness than strength. There are more ways to describe what is wrong with a person than there are words meant to praise and encourage.
Research shows that modern workers rarely find pleasure in their careers. A poll of workers revealed that the cause of their unhappiness is too much focus by their supervisors on their weaknesses and not enough support of their strengths…
This companion to StrengthsFinder 2.0 includes:
• Overview of the book
• Important People
• Key Takeaways
• Analysis of Key Takeaways
• and much more!

Book Reviews


Where is the book?1 star

Because I already know what’s going on , I just interested to read the book. I Just looking for your solution or research results? Where is it? I don’t understand. This is just introduction .15


Not the actual book; don't waste your money1 star

Should be clear to the reader that this is not the book, just an analysis. Extremely unhelpful!15


Interesting but short3 star

It's a good read, brings interesting ideas however it's 37 pages... It only scrapes the tip of the iceberg. It is basically a summary of an experiment. Interesting but short.35


Life cycle realization5 star

Life is a mystery. People always try improve ownself but it's not easy to improve. We need to know out strength, without that it's quite impossible to improve. Tom Rath is well known writer and speaker and he talks here about the reality of our natural strength. This is really impressive to find one's main power . Informative reading in short time from this analysis.55


Motivational5 star

This is truely highly motivational to develop individual's strength. Tom Rath is a excellent speaker and writer. He is also a idol to follow to develop our personality. Here eureka books helps a lot to get all those motivational words in a short time.55


Have connected into my true findings5 star

Have had a problem that's been more then a bit bothersome and it seems rather due to the fact I couldn't find anything meaningful in the working world. Most of my hobbys wouldn't be something I would want to work at, becuase they're just that. They're hobbys, things I enjoy in my off time. But I couldn't find any major source of talent I had naturally. Til I found the inspiration to get motivated in "StrengthFinder 2.0" an I was overwhelmed with how well I was able to establish a connection within myself and found out where I truly felt acceptance in the working world of things. An am now on my way to finding my mark in the 3D design and animations area. Once a dream, now a reality, thanks to "Tom Raths" "StrengthFinder 2.0.55

Dian Foster

Amazing book5 star

Excellent book, grabs you from the beginning, because the way it is written is very interesting. It has a very critical point of view and makes you think a lot, now I value my strengths more than before, and my put my talents ahead.55

Alexander Reno

Very GReat!5 star

Always love reading books that are pretty much summaries of the novel, i couldn't have imagined how great this book was, and it has helped me discover that i have a musical gift, that i wouldn't know if would have had. Its an insprition to me55

Daniel Berenguer

Amazing and excellent book5 star

Excellent book, a must read for everyone, it's amazing how much one can achieve by going in the opposite direction, after reading it my life and career improved in such amazing way that it looks like an incredible miracle, now I am very happy and doing what I like and better than anybody else.55

Melani Bossio

A good differente approach to the way we see the life5 star

What book so interesting, I really how it like putting a basic guide to help a little to discover our natural talents, sometimes we think about what we do or do not like, or study, but rarely we think and spend time discovering in what we are really good. This book helped me to see life a little differently and focus more on better person55

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