Summary of The 20/20 Diet

Summary of The 20/20 Diet Summary

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Summary of The 20/20 Diet by Dr. Phil McGraw | Includes Analysis
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Dr. Phil McGraw is a former psychologist, perhaps best known for his popular afternoon talk show. He has written several books geared toward self-improvement, including The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. Since the publication of that book ten years ago, dietary research and his own insights into the nature of weight loss have inspired him to write The 20/20 Diet Book. This book offers an approach to weight loss based on eating the right foods, performing the right exercises, and using techniques from psychology to harness control over food cravings.
The 20/20 Diet Book is for people who are ready to be honest about their problems with weight and are ready to take action. Many people have experienced problems controlling their weight and have, at times, been in denial about the extent of their issues. Others may complain intermittently, but not make any moves to improve their situation. They are not honest…
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Book Reviews

Earlich Bachman

Scam?1 star

They use same cover design for all of their free and paid books to play tricks on the customers. Not worth at all. I just got my refund.15


Do NOT buy or bother1 star

Lacks detail on the diet. I "thought" I selected the book instead of this poor and meager rendition. Don't waste your money on this.15

sh syhb

Hbu4 star

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Looking for a lifetime diet

WW1 star

I thought I was purchasing the diet plan, not a book review. Very disappointed to only get a review and disappointed in Dr. Phil for charging people $3.00 for nothing.15


Dr Phil 30/201 star

This was a rip off I thought I was getting the book what a rip off Dr Phil has money he shouldn't rob fat old ladies15


It's not just me1 star

I thought I was doing something wrong. I love to get the samples, it's reminds me of being in a bookstore and reading a little of the book before purchase. But this sample is a joke, and to purchase a review ❓❓❓❓ I'll go to B&N and take a look see.15


Disappointed1 star

The take aways basically give a summary of the book but you still need to purchase the book to have any practical value. Save your money and just purchase the full book.15


Where is the book???1 star

There are no foods and no 20 day plan in this ebook. What did I just waste my money on???15

Melani Bossio

I loved the book, very good content. Extensive knowledge5 star

This book is great, it does not focus on only one part, sees the health and nutrition as a whole combined with exercise. The body is like a machine, and needs to be understood in all its parts. A diet is not only lose weight, it is largely about being healthy. I loved the content55


Experience can't be denied5 star

I can tell that Dr. Phil has experience in making diets that work, he is more than 10 years in the area of weight loss, and the way he approaches to being prepared to lose weight really makes it easy to follow his advice if we are ready55

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