The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower A Review

The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower A Review Summary

This is a Review of The Residence
Inspired after binge-watching Downton Abbey, a British television show about the relationship between a titled family and their servants,  journalist Kate Andersen Brower decided to take a close look at the upstairs-downstairs dynamic of America’s grandest home, the White House, in her book, The Residence.
This companion to The Residence includes:
• Summary of the book
• Character Analysis
• A Discussion on Themes
• and much more!

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The residence1 star

I was charged $2.99. All I got was review.15

Dian Foster

Awesome book5 star

The Residence is one of those interesting books and highly readable important White House history. The author details the whole story very well and makes you want to continue reading page by page until I finished. A story that you have to read, I recommend it.55


Great!5 star

This ebook does an excellent job of explaining The Residence by Kate Andersen. I very much enjoyed the analysis of characters and it opened my mind into a new way of looking at not only the characters but the book itself. I would highly recommend this book to anyone reading The Residence.55

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