The Road to Character by David Brooks A Review

The Road to Character by David Brooks A Review Summary

The Road to Character by David Brooks | A Review
David Brooks’ The Road to Character examines how cultural and personal morals have altered over the last century, creating a world where virtues that were once considered poor character are now revered. However, despite this change in values, it is still possible to build a character that can rise above a focus on material possessions or personal successes…
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Daniel Berenguer

Better moral, better world5 star

A must read, this book should be required reading for all people of our modern and "civilized" world and above all for the parents, It would be helpful to raise their children with a solid moral for a better and more just world. for all of us and our descendants.55

Melani Bossio

I loved it, excellent review. Very good approach to values5 star

Incredibly well, all our lives depend on our decisions, and how maturity and personality develop. What kind of personality can be developed in the modern world? The character is very difficult to develop. This review is excellent, the author did a very good job, he managed to make me think55


A review of a good book that brings morals5 star

I can relate to how morals have fallen over the years, I can tell by how the grandparents we hear tell you a very different story regarding well-being (they don't relate it to material success but to love and independence) and watching old TV shows you can tell there were strong values and morals, but nowadays it's only about fame and self-promotion. But as stated in the review, we can still focus on what's important and grow to build a good character that could impress our grandparents and rise above all of our society's misconceptions about life55

Dian Foster

Exceptional book5 star

I like how the author describes real stories as examples. Gusttaría I like but I note that it is possible to live a meaningful life and be of genuine character without being religious. I think Abraham Lincoln's character is an excellent combination of humility with unselfish love for humanity so it's a great book to read.55


Great Overview!5 star

This ebook does a excellent job of giving an overview of The Road to Character by David Brooks. It condenses many advanced concepts from the book down into a short ebook that is an easy and quick read. I would highly recommend this book to anyone reading The Road to Character.55

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