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Trail of Tears: An Epic History On the Forced Removal of Cherokee, Seminole, Chickasaw, Muscogee Greek, and Choctaw Nations [Five Civilized Tribes]

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The book, written by John Ehle, is an extensive, historical review of one of the darkest and cruelest chapters in the history of the United States. Here in this book, the author describes historical events that lead to the removal the Native American people from their land in the name of profit. As the settlers came to the North-American continent and as they began inhabiting the land, they found that the land is already inhabited by Native people. The people that lived there were colloquially called “Indians.” Even though the Native Americans were usually perceived as benefactors and people who would help the settlers, little by little the new people wanted to remove the Native American people. This eventually led to the events the author describes in this book. 
The book was written as a historical book, which means that the summary contains numerous historical facts. These facts are connected to the real-life events that took place in the nineteenth century on North American soil. We hope you will enjoy reading this summary. If you like it and find it interesting, please purchase and buy the original book for full content experience! 
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