Heartbreaker Summary

From USA Today Bestselling Author Grahame Claire comes a story of secrets and suspense.
I have a secret.
And only he knows.
He took my carefully crafted world and turned it upside down.
Now my career hangs in the balance.
I swore I'd never give anyone control over my life again, but I may have done something worse . . .
Given him my heart.

I have a secret.
And she doesn't know.
What she calls a mistake, I call the beginning.
I've been respectful. Patient. A gentleman.
With everything on the line,including the company we've built with my family, that stops now.
She thinks I'll forget about what we've done.
But the truth is all secrets come to light . . .
Especially the ones we want to stay buried most.

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Family & business & lots of drama5 star

Love this story and how interactions of 2 prominent families. Love happiness beats working 25/7. Follow how working with families takes effort to keep everyone happy and doing their job & not worrying about how much power each has.55


Heartbreaker5 star

Great read55


Heartbreaker3 star

Too much angst and repetition. Readers understand her feelings of betrayal and lack of confidence pretty early in the book. So many relapses that really don’t require the same explanation. Think of more interesting character development35

Hope in Gulfport

Great story!5 star

A longer book, I enjoyed every page and plot twist.55


Lots of fireworks!5 star

Mulvaney has an image of being tough and her feelings are deeply buried by prior hurts. However she will go to the wall to protect her family and friends. Easton has loved her for a very long time and he will let her run for awhile, but he will eventually claim what is his. Mulvaney has worked with and for Easton, Drew and their father in their oil business for years, until one day the business is sold to a competitor. Accusations begin to fly, secrets are kept until they start to unravel, feelings are hurt and the truth is buried deep. This book sort of ends on a cliffhanger. It was hard to put down, but I had to sleep so that I could read more.55

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