If I Were You

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In the bestselling style of Fifty Shades of Grey, Lisa Renee Jones delivers sexy thrills and heart-pounding sensuality with a tantalizing page-turner in which the eyes of a high school English teacher are opened to a world she never knew existed, and she finds a passionate craving within that she never knew she possessed.

The journal comes to Sara McMillan by chance, when she inherits the key to an abandoned storage locker belonging to a woman named Rebecca. Sara can’t resist peeking at the entries inside . . . and finds a scintillating account of Rebecca’s affair with an unnamed lover, a relationship drenched in ecstasy and wrapped in dark secrets.

Obsessed with discovering Rebecca’s destiny after the entries come to an abrupt end, Sara does more than observe the players in the woman’s life; she immerses herself in the high-stakes art gallery world Rebecca inhabited—and is magnetically drawn to two men. Which one seduced Rebecca with his masterful and commanding touch and brought her fantasies to exquisite life? On a daringly erotic escapade, Sara follows Rebecca’s path to fulfill her own hidden longings. But after she tastes the forbidden pleasures Rebecca savored, will Sara be helpless to escape the same submissive fate?

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Worst story, ever. No story, what little there is is a complete knockoff of FSOG1 star

Truly, this is one of the worst books of this genre I’ve read. All of a sudden she’s in love and there’s no true buildup. And the whole time she’s desiring this kinky, dominating sex and then as soon as she finds out that that’s what he’s into, she bails and freaks tf out. It was honestly hard to finish this book. The sex was mediocre at best and the actual romance could not be felt at all. Honestly. Don’t waste your money or your time. I can’t express how disappointed in this book I was.15


fit2Btied15 star

This series is a WILD ride. It’s well worth your time and money. Really cool twists and turns. Lots of turmoil and lots of passion. Some kink, too. Really really good. I won’t be able to look at a painting again without squeezing my thighs together. hee hee!55


So confusing!1 star

So many mixed signals! She meets two guys but falls for one, why put the other guy in the story if he's not important? I don't hate the book but would prefer less distractions!15


A seductive,dangerous and suspenseful beginning to the Inside out series. All things glass can break5 star

Chris and Sara two tormented souls which have spent there lives running away from their insecurities, nightmares, and the darkness of the past. The deepest darkest secrets one holds tight to ones heart and guards them for eternity. Fate had a different plan for them. Together they shall find a way to overcome the torment and darkness from the past. The author has a spectacular way of describing the characters emotions and entwining them with the past and present through Rebecca's journals, Mark's Art gallery, Allure and music. It's a roller coaster ride and if you're ready for the adrenaline rush step on but be warned, you will be changed forever. The excerpt below is from the book and I loved how she used a few songs to describe Sara's internal struggles and emotions. Spellbound, I walk forward,enchanted by the twinkling night lights and the haze surrounding the distant Golden Gate Bridge. We are above the city, untouchable, in a palace in the sky. How amazing it must be to live here and wake up to this view every day. Lights twinkling, almost as if they are talking to one another, laughing at me as they creep open a door to the hollow place inside me I've rejected only moments before in the elevator. I swallow hard as the song "Broken" from the band Life-house fills the room, because Chris doesn't know how personal it is to me. I'm falling apart. I'm barely breathing. I'm barely holding on to you. This song,this place with the words, and I am raw and exposed, as if cut and bleeding. Who was I kidding with the refusal to hide anymore? This is why I have hidden. The past begins to pulse to life within me, and I am seconds from remembering why I feel this way. I refuse to process the lyrics and shove them aside.I don't want to remember. I can't go there. I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to seal those old wounds,desperate to feel anything but their presence. His mouth is next to mine,his clean male scent all around me. "You need to know that right now. You need to know that won't change." But the song does change, and this time to another track of what must be a Lifehouse CD. "Nerve Damage" begins to play. I see through your clothes, your nerve damage shows.Trying not to feel....anything that's real. I laugh bitterly at the words, and Chris pulls back to study me. And I am not blind to what I see in the depths of his green eyes, what I've missed until now but sensed. He is damaged as I am. We have too many of the wrong things in common to be more than sex, and the realization is freedom to me. All I want is the here and now this piece of time. Some part of me realizes the window behind me is glass and all things can break. He knows this, too, it's in the dark glint of his eyes, and he wants me to worry about it. He's pushing me, testing me, trying to get me to break. Because I slid beneath his composure? Because he really believes I am out of my league? And maybe I am, but not tonight. Tonight, as the song has said, I am broken, and for the first time perhaps ever, I am not denying the truth of all of my cracks. I am living them.55

Romance Queen

Not what I expected...in a good way!5 star

When I read the synopsis, I knew this sounded good. Like nothing I ever read before. I liked it right from the start and just wanted to keep reading. I love the connection between Sara and Chris and feel like they belong together. Toward the end I found some surprise twists. It ended with a cliff hanger and now I can't wait to read book 2. Book 1 was great. If you liked the Stark Trilogy then you will love this!55


One word....Excellent5 star

This book hit me in all areas of satisfying reading. Excellent....55


To be read after 50 shades5 star

I love this book and I cannot wait for the 2nd, I absolutely loved the 50 shades of gray and bared to you books and "If I were you" is as good as those, it's a little less intense but with all the elements to keep you intrigued, I liked that the book make me read it and not stop. Try the sample55


Mixed feelings5 star

I think that this book is filled with contradictions and this is where my problems with it lie. I don't want to elaborate and give off the story. I guess it builds the suspense of everything and allows room for two more books. It's a good read and FULL of suspense. What peeved me the most was how bdsm is portrayed as evil and bad :( :( (another contradiction I hope).55


Cliff Hanger much.....5 star

Ok I'm now invested in Sara & Chris, when does the next book come out is my only concern now.....55


Wow5 star

Okay I have never written a review on a book before but all I can say is WOW! This book is amazing! I can't even wait until the next one. The book deserves to be a top seller! I don't even know how I am supposed to wait until June for book two!55

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