Rigged Summary

Was the worst oil spill in US history an act of sabotage or an accident?

Against the backdrop of this question, retired army captain Jax Bad Badeaux has returned to his Cajun roots in New Orleans, a broken man with broken dreams. With a violent streak that propels him through a shattered and bleak existence, it isnt long before hes working as a bouncer in a Bourbon Street strip joint for the Cajun mob.

When Jax receives a cryptic message from a dead army buddy who worked for the oil company hinting that the oil rig disaster was an act of terrorism, he finds himself thrown into a deadly mix involving NSA agents, the Cajun mafia, a Mexican drug cartel, and a rogue spy network.

With a body count building in his wake, Jax must fight to find the truth about the environmental disaster while dodging bullets, deception, and changing alliances, all while trying to rediscover his humanity in a city known for hard drinking, dirty money, and easy sex.

Will Jaxs tattered sense of loyalty and combat readiness be enough to pull him through to the mysterys end, or will he lose everything in the black oil flooding the Gulf of Mexico?

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