Airbus A320: An Advanced Systems Guide

Airbus A320: An Advanced Systems Guide Summary

This iPad interactive book is an indispensable tool for pilots seeking the Airbus A320 type rating. This study guide offers an in-depth systems knowledge with pictures, videos and schematics not found in other publications. It is packed with detailed and useful information to prepare any candidate for command and responsibility of the A320 equipped with IAE or CFM engines.

Book Reviews


A320 systems book5 star

This is a great book thats well written. A different perspective to view the airplane outside of the manuals. Contains pictures and videos as well. Definitely recommend as a quick reference or for general familiarity.55

Grant 320

Excellent manual5 star

This manual is awesome. Excellent use of pictures and high-quality videos to complement the material. I found the manual to be extremely useful. I’m looking forward to the NEO update! Highly recommended!55


Great study guide5 star

Written in a very easy to understand and learn format. Photos are excellent, filled with explanations. There is even a lights and switches guide that is based on photos, instead of computer graphics. Much better! This is a must-have for anyone training on the A320 series. The perfect companion to the Airbus A320 Procedures Handbook by Ben Riecken.55


Not worth it2 star

There’s no special insight here. It’s just a regurgitation of the material you already have (or you can just google it). Regret purchasing.25


Excellent!5 star

Interactive and very informative!55


Great Info!5 star

The level of detail and quality of this book are amazing! He definitely put a lot of time and effort into even some of the smallest details and it shows. Thank you for taking the time to put this book together, I’ve enjoyed the systems review and the extra info I’ve picked up along the way!55


Invaluable5 star

Easily one of the best resources out there. It pares down the AOM into digestible language, complete with video and interactive photos.55


Very helpful document5 star

Page 226 is repeated in page 22755


One More Day for DISCOUNT5 star

I try get Apple vers. with a gift card because i am out of US. But i just missed the discount time, price is back to 79,99. Please keep going with the discounted price one more day to purchase chance.... Thank you very much Cpt Ben.55


Need to Upgrade with NEO5 star

Please upgrade this book to NEO and add some information related to NEO.This will be n=more help for all of us.55

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