Cessna 172S NAVIII: An Advanced Pilot's Guide

Cessna 172S NAVIII: An Advanced Pilot's Guide Summary

The Cessna 172S NAVIII: An Advanced Pilot’s Guide is a must-read for any pilot seeking to supplement their existing knowledge of the Cessna 172 equipped with the Garmin 1000. This iPad study guide offers an in-depth explanation of the structure, systems, and performance of the aircraft while adding valuable information to the Pilot Operating Handbook. This eBook is presented in an easy-to-read format with interactive pictures, videos and diagrams. All pilots, from beginners to advanced, can benefit from this valuable and concise study guide.

Book Reviews


Fantastic book5 star

I highly recommend this book! Great book.55

Cap 172

Cessna 172S NavIII: an advance pilot guide1 star

Very basic, no videos, waste of money. Download the Cessna 172sp NavIII, is free.15

c172 pilot

Excellent5 star

Excelent iBook, great pictures and lots of info you do not find in the owners POH Really recommend55


A must have for students and CFIs5 star

The paperback version of this book helped me study as a student pursuing my first pilot ratings and now the digital version is a powerful review tool for me and my students. Ben Riecken masterfully simplifies concepts and systems that can be challenging to grasp as an aspiring pilot and complex for flight instructors to convey. With the visual aids and "to-the-point" explanations of anything you could want to know about the C172, this is a must for your pilot library.55

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