The Airbus A320 Procedures Handbook Vol. 1

The Airbus A320 Procedures Handbook Vol. 1 Summary

The Airbus A320 Procedures Handbook Vol. 1 is an essential interactive study guide that offers an in-depth look at the manufacturer's procedures. Each section includes complete and concise explanations of complex flight crew procedures starting from the beginning of the safety exterior inspection to the end of the cockpit preparation. Then, with over 100 custom photos, schematics, and videos, we show what happens as each procedures is completed. But most importantly, we discuss how to avoid safety risks and related past accidents along the way. Our combined two decades of safely flying the A320 series is now your guide to mastering the aircraft.

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New Amendment of SOP5 star

Hi. Will this book be updated in the future to reflect the recent changes in SOP by Airbus? Thanks55


Great for anyone studying the A320.5 star

A great addition to your library. Clearly written, photographed and illustrated, this is simply one of the best guides you will find. Henry, A320 Captain.55


Great reading!5 star

Technical reading puts me to sleep. This is different. The authors have blended the things every Airbus 320 pilot should know, but with an interesting, matter of fact way of relaying that info. I enjoy the question then answer format. It’s almost as if the pilot next to you is teaching you. The pictures are first rate. The imbedded videos reinforce what you read and give you the hands on. All in all a great value. Highly recommend for any Airbus enthusiast or operator!55


A great systems guide5 star

This is a great, well laid out book on the A320 systems. I’m a visual learner, and the fact they use a lot of visual examples really helps out. The pictorial depictions are excellent, and really help you visualize and understand the systems. If you overlay your company procedures with this book, you’re sure to impress your instructors, and give yourself an advantage to knowing your aircraft better.55


Fantastic study guide5 star

This Airbus A320 procedures study guide is a wonderful, detailed and user friendly tool that every (future) Airbus 320 pilot should use. Very informative and pleasant to the eye. The graphics and the layout are very well thought out. Marten V A320 Captain, instructor & check-airman55

Cuthbert Evan

This should be essential for every A320 Pilot5 star

Informative and well written. Knowing the reason behind why we do certain procedures when we fly. Pictures and videos to help us understand better. Highly recommended!55


Good study reference5 star

Very thorough. Would be a useful extra tool for anyone going through initial or transition training. Worth it just for the images and schematics.55


Excellent!!5 star

Very well written and informative book with excellent photography. Allows you to dive into the 320 systems beyond what you will learn in any airline ground school. I’d recommend it for any soon-to-be, or seasoned, A-320 pilot.55

Jon Ingerson

Flight Bag Worthy5 star

This guide provides the "why" behind the "how." It goes well beyond the dry content of Airbus FCOM with an interesting and expansive discussion of the procedures and associated systems. Those looking to polish their knowledge of the A320 will find this guide invaluable.55

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