Hotels, Resorts or Inns Strategies to Increase Your Bookings & Profit

Hotels, Resorts or Inns Strategies to Increase Your Bookings & Profit Summary

Ways to Foster Loyalty in Guests

This book is designed for an independent hotel, resort and inn owners or managers who do not have the benefit of management training or a ready-made organizational structure, branding and marketing that chain properties provide.  

This book is for hospitality property owners and managers that are basically doing it on their own.

 If you've ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you're in the right place.
"How can I get more guests?""How can I encourage my guests to return?""How can I organize my business so I don't have to be there 24/7?""How can I find and keep the right employees?""How can I market so I reach my target clientele?""How does my hospitality property compare to my competition?
Over the years, I have met many amazing hospitality property owners who for one reason or another have had difficulties with different aspects of running their business.

This book will give you the resources to help you clear the most common hurdles many hospitality property owners and managers face.
I'll give you the tools to discover the type of owner/manager you are: A business opportunist, a supervisor or a skilled worker.How to determine and set a plan to achieve your goals.Explain why you need and how to create a hotel, resort or inn organizational strategy. The importance of excellent customer service along with proven tips and techniques you can use to impress your guests.Ways to improve your chain of service.Marketing strategies that work today.The importance of social media and how to benefit from the major platforms.How to WOW your guest so not only will they want to return but will become ambassadors for your property.
I want to contribute to a strategic vision for every independent hotel, resort and inn wishing to create a happy and fulfilling experience for their customers and employees.  

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