Spree Killers: On the Rampage

Spree Killers: On the Rampage Summary

Seasoned detectives were sickened by what they found at 28 School House Lane in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. They lost count of the number of dead. Blood splattered the walls and ceilings. Innocent children as young as one-year-old lay dead. They should have seeing coming, really. George Banks had been spinning out of control for a long time. Spree Killers: On the Rampage relates in horrific graphic detail real-life stories of seemingly normal people, who one day, for no apparent reason, suddenly snap and go crazy with a gun. This book is not for the squeamish.

Bath School Disaster, Charles Starkweather, Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, Joseph 'Mad Dog' Taborsky, 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing, University of Texas Massacre, The Neptune Murders, The Hungerford Massacre, George Banks, Standard Gravure Shooting, Ecole Polytechnic Massacre, Julio Gonzalez, Aramoana Massacre, Luby's Massacre, Timothy McVeigh, The Dunblane School Shooting, The Port Arthur Massacre, Columbine High School, The Jonesboro Massacre, Thurston High School Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Amish School Shooting, Northern Illinois University Shooting, Akihabara Massacre

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